Management Services & Fees

Set-Up Fee:

Real Source Property Management does not charge a property management set up fee.

Monthly Management Fee:

RealSource offers a variety of packages for you to choose from. These packages range from just renting the unit without a management contract, to a complete management including but not limited to payment of mortgages, taxes, and insurance. The actual amount of the management fee is dependent upon the property type, location, and condition.

Tenant Procurement Fee:

A tenant finder's fee of $1,200.00 shall be charged for the acquisition of a new tenant. This fee includes but is not limited to advertising of your property, showing of your property, and qualifying the tenant.

Renewal Fee:

It is our job to keep good tenants in your property. When a tenant renews a lease we charge a $1,200.00 fee for student housing and a $250.00 renewal fee for non-student housing.

Attorney's Fees:

In the event of a Tenant eviction there will be additional Attorney's fees that will be required. We will make every attempt to recover these fees through the eviction and court proceedings; however, the repayment is not guaranteed and in the event of non-payment these will be owner charges.

Inspection Fee:

RealSource does not charge any additional inspection fees for properties we manage.

Tenant Fees:

RealSource Property Management collects and retains 100% of all fees charged to tenants with the exception of late fees. All late fees are delivered to the owner after deduction of the appropriate management fee.

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