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This information is designed to help you become acquainted with our policies and procedures for managing your income properties.

How to Contact Us:

Phone: 408-246-5000
Fax: 408-615-5795
Website: www.RealSourcerentals.com
Email: If you have questions regarding accounting, please e-mail Pam at JAMJCZ@aol.com. If you have questions regarding the rental of your property call Jason at 408-857-0760.


We will advertise your property at no additional cost. Our advertising includes a detailed description of the property along with pictures showing the property. We advertise on all of the top rental sites (Trulia, Zillow, LeaseStar, Craiglist, etc.) as well as on our own website.

Making Your Unit “Rent-Ready”:

In order to make your home as easy to rent as possible, we advise that you make it “rent-ready.” The carpets should be professionally steam cleaned, the interior of the home should also be cleaned. There needs to be a working smoke detector in each of the bedrooms and in the common areas on each floor. There also needs to be a working Carbon Monoxide detector in the main hallway on each floor. The locks should also be re-keyed. The Tenants are required to return the home in the same condition upon leaving as it was in upon occupancy, so by following these guidelines and making your unit “rent-ready”, you will set yourself up for a successful tenancy.


If appliances or other items in the rental home are under warranty, please provide us with the appropriate information.


Before we have a signed lease agreement, the water, sewer, gas and electric bills will be placed in RealSource's name and you will be billed monthly for the actual cost. Once the lease agreement is signed, the utilities will be placed in the Tenants name and they will be responsible for payment of all utilities.

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Ph: (408) 246-5000
Fax: (408) 615-5795

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